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Should I get Faux Wood or Real Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds are less expensive that real Wood Blinds.  One of the main decision factors for picking either type has a lot to do with what you are trying to match the color too.  If you are trying to match the color to flooring or cabinets, you may want to go with wood because wood blinds come in a miriad of colors – whites and into dark colors like Mahogoney.  If you are just wanting to match your window trim (which in all cases is a white or an off white), then Faus Wood Blinds is the way to go.  Being a less expensive solution vs Wood Blinds, it is a great product to compliment your decor.

Atlanta Discount Blinds has a very large variety of choice for Faux Wood and Wood Blinds for your home decor.

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