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How The Window Coverings Cordless Ruling Legislation Will Affect the Industry

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Why do they not make corded blinds anymore.  Well, they do. Here is some background on it and the ruling to educate families with children to consider cordless Blinds, Shades & Shutters.

In November of 2022, the Federal Covernment (Consumer Product Saftey Commission) approved for standards to promote the manufacturer and sell of window coverings to be cordless by May of 2023.  So does this mean you cannot buy a corded option.  No it does not.  The government in cooperation with manufacturers are providing education to consumers, and reccomending the purchase of cordless options for window coverings, eg. Drapes, Shades and Blinds.  What it does mean that many dealers will only be selling cordless options, and it will be harder and harder to find corded options.  However these corded option are not illegal (except for ready made blinds and corded mini blinds), but will be added to the CPSC’s potential hazerdous product listing. You will still be able to get any window coverings in a corded version through a custom dealer that has them maufactured to your exact window measurements.  But it is highly reccommended that if your have young children you shoud go for the cordless options.  For more information visit the CPSC window covering saftey site Window Covering Safety Education Center.

On average, 9 children die every year due to strangulation caused by cords on the window coverings.  This fact has caused the Federal Government to take action.  Atlanta Discount Blinds will still offer corded and cordless options, but highly reccomend cordless for that families that have young children.

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