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Room Darkening Window Coverings Shades

Many cusotmers ask for “Blackout Shades” for Bedrooms, or windows where they want to limit the amount of light that comes into a window.  Most customer use the term blackout shades thinking they totally eliminate light coming through a window – which they don’t. The only way you can acheive total blackout is with channel locks – which we will talk about later.

You CAN get room darkening in a Cell Shade or a Roller Shade.  Customers use that term “Blackout” when it is really “Room Darkening. There are still slivers (halo effect) of light appearing at the sides of the materials.  That is because when you measure, the fabricator takes 1/8” to 3/8” deduction off each side of the fabric to allow for inconsistencies in the window measurements as you go up and down the window frame.

A true “Blackout” window covering (where absolutely no light is visible) is achieved with drapes or a roller shade with what they call channel tracks. These are channels that are installed on the inside of the window frames where a roller shade glides through up and own the windo frame.  This will provide you with a Total light bock on the window.

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