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Should I consider Outside Mount or Inside Mount Blinds and Shades

When trying to determine if you should mount a blind or shade inside the window frame or outside the window frame, you need to know what your objectives are.  Mounting a blind or shade outside a window frame causes for more of a light gap on the sides of the blind or the shade.  Doors are always mounted outside because there is no window frame – other than a molding strip surrounding the window.  Inside mount installations are mounted within the window frame, and closest to the window sash.  A window sash is the part of the window that you move up and down when you want to open and close the window.

As long as there is 1/4″ of window frame depth, then it is approproate to do an inside mount installation.  Most window coverings are inside mounts.  There are occasions when the customer requests an outside mount.  We had a customer that wanted roller shades mounted inside, and roman shades mounted outside.  It actually turned out quite nice.

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